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The Story Guy

The Story Guy - Mary Ann Rivers READ THIS.


SO amazingly good. So gorgeously written. The language is lush and emotional. This novella is a luxury goose down comforter, so wonderful to sink into and wrap up in, for readers who think literary romance is not and never should be an oxymoron.

The set up is so original and yet heartbreaking realistic. The characters are real, three dimensional, living people. The secondary characters scarcely appear on the page, yet still have distinct personalities. The writing is clever and real and breaks your heart on one page while making you smile with delight on the next.

It's a sweet-salty bonbon of a story, with some truly sizzling - and oh so well written - sex scenes. I normally skip over love scenes after the first few paragraphs because, truthfully, there are only so many ways to describe tab A sliding into slot B and most of them are just eye-rollingly bad. But these were a joy to read (and did I mention sizzling?)

Can't wait to read more from this author!