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Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess - Lucy V. Morgan There are many self-pubbed books that deserve to be entitled "Mess."

This is NOT one of them.

A very cute short novella about a twenty-something Brit who lives - platonically - with her two best male friends from university. Bailey is a wedding cake designer who just got dumped by her boyfriend. One roommate, Tom, is what appears to be the British equivalent of a medical resident, while the other, Olly, is a fledging YouTube celebrity along with his partner-in-crime Linc.

The plot is thin: Bailey is heartbroken over the break-up, the boys collectively try to cheer her up, Bailey learns that true love might have been under her nose all this time. Where the book shines is in its characters and dialogue. Each boy has his own voice (although Tom and Olly are incredibly blokey) and they are all very funny in a frat boy, young male way. Bailey could come off as a dripping sodden mess, and she has her "woe is me" moments, but for the most part I was happy to follow her journey, short and lacking true conflict though it may be.

Author Lucy Morgan has a sharp, witty voice and it's fun to watch Bailey discover her homegrown Prince Charming. I look forward to more books in this series!