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Crucible (Star Wars)

Crucible (Star Wars) - Troy Denning REBOOT!



Oh please oh please oh please oh please o great gods of Disney - o great Pluto, o great Mickey, o great Oswald, o great and glorious all-father Walt:

PLEASE put this pathetic excuse for an Expanded Universe out of its bloated, Denning-Dumbed-Down, sad, sad wasted existence and reboot the entire thing, now that it resides in the hallowed halls of the Mouse.

In my dreams, the EU is reset to just after Vision of the Future (I'd love to keep Survivor's Quest, but I'd gladly sacrifice it if it meant everything else published by Del Rey was wiped off the continuity map) -

- but I will settle for resetting it to the end of Return of the Jedi if I must. Yes, I would give up Mara and Karrde and Thrawn and Corran and Mirax and Winter and Rogue Squadron.

Just as long as EVERYTHING touched by Shelly Shapiro and especially Troy Denning is relegated to the dust bin of never-really-happened AU, and Luke, Leia and Han can have continuing adventures that actually, y'know, fit into the universe shown in the films.

I'm not even going to stoop to comment on this steaming pile of bantha poodoo. Suffice to say it's more of Denning's trademark misogyny, torture-porn, and utter disregard for movie continuity. Go write some more game modules, Denning, that's all you have talent for - your writing is the epitome of moving cardboard pieces around a two-dimensional space.

Shame on Del Rey and LFL.

It's your turn now, o wonderful world of Disney - don't fuck it up.